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On Clash of Clans with our Tips and Tricks become the best player, learn to play perfectly ! This guide will explain a lot about the game, discover it !

Very popular all over the world, Clash of Clans has now become a classic, like headlines like Candy Crush, Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and others. In this purely strategic game, the player becomes master of a village that he must evolve over time and loot those of the enemies to collect food that will contribute to his progress. Today, this article aims to answer some people’s questions by detailing “the best tips and tricks to know about Clash of Clans” in order to become you too a formidable opponent.

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First of all, this guide will not make you stronger than any other player but will allow you to be much better informed about the game and the best techniques used.

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Clash of Clans : Tips for Beginners

When you start on Clash of Clans, there are some basic rules to know/assimilate/respect :

  • By buying gems with real money, you will evolve faster. Indeed, Clash of Clans is a free game, but it includes micropayments that allow you to evolve more quickly. In Clash of Clans, gems are the highest currency you can really do everything with. However, the purchase of gems with real money is not mandatory. They are becoming rarer, but you can find them elsewhere.
  • Trees, flowers, trunks, bushes and gem boxes allow you to win free gems. To do this, click on it to delete them and collect the resources. Again, keep in mind that their removal also costs resources (gold or elixir coins) that vary depending on the type and size of the thing you are removing. As you will see, a tree does not cost the same as a large tree.
Clash of clans tips and tricks
Clean the garden, all these elements bring resources and experience points to their destruction.
  • In the first village levels, try to save as many gems as possible. I would like to believe that the temptation can be strong to make a building evolve more quickly, but you must NOT break down. That’s why, try to keep your gems as long as possible.
  • When you feel you have reached a certain level, question yourself and rethink the placement of your buildings. The latter must be intelligently positioned, resources protected and buildings with defensive projectiles hidden/protected by others of lesser importance. There are several techniques for creating a village. In fact, YouTube is full of videos that can help you create the perfect village: farming, hybrid, defensive.
  • When attacking a village, don’t send all your troops at once! Not all the fighters who die return, they are definitely dead. If you want more, you’ll have to do it again. Before launching a full attack, therefore, try to empty the defenders in the opponent’s clan castle (if he has one) and reach the defensive towers that are the most within range of your units. In Clash of Clans, each unit has its own characteristics: Warrior (hand-to-hand attack and robust), Archer (remote attack, but fragile), Giants (hand-to-hand attack and capable of taking a lot of damage), etc. Think strategy !
  • As your adventure progresses, you should always focus on building improvements that are dedicated to collecting and storing your resources. Why? Why? Because they are the ones who are the key to your evolution !
  • Any other tips for the road? Join a clan and be there as an active minimum (depending on its activity/affluence). Last but not least, always be respectful and fair. On Clash of Clans, trolls are very badly regarded and quickly registered.

Clash of Clans: Complete your quests (success)

At the very moment you create your village, you are assigned a list of quests to complete. Each of them has a specific objective to fulfil in order to unlock its gain. The objectives required to complete these famous quests range from the simple improvement of any building (up to a certain level) to the destruction of enemy buildings and the evolution in the ranking. To give you an example. Being very active in the game at one time, my time in the “Master” league had allowed me to win 1000 gems.

On Clash of Clans, there are two ways to consult the list of its successes. Here they are :

clash of clans success
First way: press your profile at the top left.
COC success
Second way: click on the portrait of the lady at the bottom right.

Clash of Clans tips : use your soldiers correctly

Tips and tricks for Barbarians :

  • With the barbarian, the first thing to know is that he is a cheap soldier who is very quick to produce, but who is also capable of taking a lot of damage from your opponents, provided he uses it wisely. His weakness? This soldier is very sensitive to remote attacks from other ground or flying units since they are hand-to-hand attacks. As you will have understood, a barbarian should never be sent alone, but in small groups (from 5 to 10) or close together. Avoid making piles of 50 barbarians. The mortars will only make a few bites.
  • Barbarians are a cheap alternative to giants, and they are quicker to recruit.
  • A barbarian always attacks the next target within range, but never a specific target.
  • Beware of giant camouflaged bombs, which cause serious damage to the area (2 to 3 squares).
clash of clans barbarians guide
The characteristics of the barbarian of Clash of Clans.

Tips and tricks for Archers :

  • The archer must always move in small groups, he is very sensitive to zone attacks.
  • If your army consists of different types of soldiers, always deploy the strongest units first, followed by the archers. But never the other way around. You risk losing everything and you don’t want that.
  • Archers are also very good at destroying buildings around villages since remote defences sometimes cannot reach them. It is therefore possible to do 50% quite often. Analyze each village carefully, none of them are infallible. There is always a weakness in the wall.
Clash of clans Archers guide
The characteristics of the archer on Clash of Clans.

Tips and tricks for Goblins :

  • If you target resources (gold, elixir/black), goblins are dedicated to this special task! On the other hand, their number of weak points of life makes them vulnerable to zone defenses (mortars and wizards’ towers).
  • However, the goblin has the advantage of moving very quickly. If the resource buildings are accessible or you have previously opened the way, the goblins will be able to recover the resources very quickly by avoiding mortar shells. For my part, I use them with sappers to break down the ramparts. Then I launch the giants to cope with the attacks, then I deploy the goblins.
clash of clans goblins guide
The characteristics of the goblin on Clash of Clans.

Tips and tricks for Wizards :

  • For players who are looking to hide all their buildings behind ramparts, wizards are the ideal answer to counter this. Sending fireballs from a distance, they do a lot of damage. As a result, you will understand that a small group of witches, used intelligently (with some spacing), can cause a lot of damage to the enemy. Finally, know that they are more resistant than barbarians of the same level.
  • Like archers, we still advise you to protect your witches as much as possible. They are certainly stronger than barbarians, but remain very sensitive to archers’ towers, in particular. Put them in the back.
  • First send solid units, then deploy the most fragile units.
Clash of clans wizard guide
The characteristics of the wizard on Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans tips : build your village wisely

When an opponent lands on your village, he will directly try to detect the weaknesses. So, that’s why you must always be impartial and place your buildings and ramparts in such a way as to deceive the enemy.

To do this, there are several useful/effective techniques :

  • Choose high-level ramparts for buildings that you consider “sensitive”.
  • Feel free to place smaller buildings outside your village. Your opponent has only 3 minutes to attack. The more complex the village is, the more difficult it is to destroy.
  • Adapt your village according to your playing technique. In Clash of Clans, there are several types of villages available on some and depending on the level of your city hall (Farm, Hybrid, Defense). As we mentioned earlier, the web is full of information that will allow you to create an ideal that reflects your image.
  • One last thing : learn from your past attacks.
COC build your village
Build your village wisely, otherwise you will be shaved every time.

Clash of Clans tips : protect your resources when you are not there

When you are not connected, your village is vulnerable to enemy attacks. On the other hand, there are some tips/tips that can minimize your losses in the event of looting your village. To do this:

  • Be sure your soldier camps are packed to capacity.
  • Go to the barracks and build more units. If your camps are full, the units will not be produced, but queued until more places are available in your camps. The money earmarked for their production cannot be looted since it is dedicated to the training of these soldiers.
  • If you don’t need it, consider removing the creation of these units when you return to get your money back.

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If you have any technical questions about the game, feel free to contact the game developers on their website: Supercell.

coc best village
To date, the village I use is a hybrid because I need defences and resources.

The entire article and the screenshots belong to the Androipit website, an article originally written in French by Tony Balt, originally taken from the German author : Stefan Grund.

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