Call of Duty Modern Warfare : 10 Tips to improve and become a good player

Discover our tips for the Modern Warfare game, become a better player and improve yourself with our 9 tips ! Come and read our article, you won’t regret it

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been released very recently and as every year you have to make your mark. It is always good, even useful to know some tips to start your evolution in the game well, especially for the neophytes of the series. Let’s go for our 10 tips that will allow you, we hope, to get a good start in the Multiplayer of the game.

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Tips to improve on Modern Warfare :

1 – The MP5 and M4 are your best allies

MW tips

At first, it is impossible to create your own class, as is the case with all Call of Duty. You must therefore use the weapons at your disposal. The choice oscillates between the AUG and the FR 5.56. It will therefore be necessary to increase the levels to obtain the M4 first. A balanced weapon allowing effective defence at short and medium range or even long range depending on the pace. Of course, at first, it is difficult to handle, but it will be your best ally for a very long time. It should be noted that it is the most widely used weapon to date. Until she’s probably nervous.

As for the MP5, it also proves to be an excellent weapon. She had proven herself during the last beta and continues to score points. A very good weapon if you play aggressively.

2 – Footsteps are important

COD MW tips

A patch could be provided to reduce the intensity of footsteps. For the time being, they are really important in play, as you can imagine. You can easily hear your enemies’ footsteps, especially in buildings. Rainbow Six or Counter Strike players will obviously not be out of place. Feel free to play with the settings. Either in “Boost” or “Midnight” to accentuate these famous footsteps.

3 – Play in HQ or Domination

Modern warfare fast exp

Rise in levels, it’s the nerve of the war, because it opens up great opportunities for you, as well as new weapons and assets. There are modes to choose from to quickly climb up and gain more experience. The HQ mode allows you to get quite a few points by taking the HQ and defending it. The 20-player domination is also a point nest. It is easy to finish with 1800 or even 2000 points at the end of the game. Between the capture of the different points and the defense there is a way to enjoy yourself. Of course, beware of campers at the bottom of the map….

4 – Adapt your way of playing

Modern warfare how to play

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is clearly not played like a Black Ops or even its predecessors. Here, no rush, my friend. You have to play methodically. Since level-design is particularly inappropriate for aggressive play, care must be taken with the various openings. A building can have windows and a multitude of entrances from which enemies can emerge. As campers are legion, rushing is not a good tactic, otherwise you will often have to switch weapons to the left.

The time-to-kill being relatively low, you will die very quickly, just like your enemies. Feel free to use the environment to lean back and shoot without exposing the entire hitbox.

COD MW How to play

5 – Customize your weapons according to the way you play

Become better on modern warfare

Customization is the other nerve of the war. It is imperative to raise your weapon to a level. For example, my M4 is at level 70, which means if you have to be patient. But as you go along, you will unlock various sights, handles, silencers, perks such as “jacketed bullets” to do more damage. In short, you must develop your weapon and adapt it to the way you play.

6 – The assets are your friends

Modern warfare assets

Upgrading is also unlocking assets that will be extremely useful to you. The demining asset, for example, will be a great help in preventing you from dying quickly under the multiple claymores hidden behind the doors. Sang-froid will save your asses so that you won’t be detected by targeting systems.

Ghost in second asset is not left out either to avoid being detected by enemy drones. And as a third asset, observer or tracker to end up looking great. The first one is used to see enemy equipment and the second one to see your opponents’ footprints.

7 – Compass and mini-map

Become a good player call of duty modern warfare

These are two central elements of the gameplay. The mini-map had made the players crazy during the beta because it was not present. It was later reintegrated and kept on the final version. The compass is important. It marks enemies firing shots. Red dots appear. And the bigger the point, the closer the enemy is. Opponents with silencers are obviously not marked.

The mini-map will be useful for your personal or team drone. This provides a more accurate visual of the enemy’s presence. You have to use both to orient yourself and not run around like a headless chicken.

This is the most important of these tips for modern warfare !

8 – Silence of death, it helps !

Earlier I mentioned the importance of footsteps. Here, I explain how to play it. You have various special assets specific to your character. At first you start with the ammunition box and later you get “death silence”. This asset removes your footsteps and allows you to move forward incognito and thus take your opponents backwards or flank them more easily.

Very advantageous in maps such as St.Petrograd, Hackney Yard or Azhir Cave.

9 – Activate your XP tokens

And finally. The game offers you experience tokens to activate to accelerate your level up both for you and your weapons. These are easily activated and are limited in time. In general, the effect lasts 30 minutes.

10 – Use daily challenges and mission challenges

A good way to progress quickly, the challenges are quite simple, you just have to make eliminations with a specific type of weapon, play in a specific mode, make shots in the head etc.. :

modern warfare fast xp

We will also find the challenges called “missions”: challenges are to be activated by yourself in the menus. Without this activation, the challenges will not be counted. The types of actions to be performed to validate these challenges are similar to daily challenges, however there may be some variations, such as making eliminations with a specific asset or equipment.

The rewards of these challenges are weapon plans, weapon skins, sprays, business cards, lucky charms, emblems…

gain fast level modern warfare

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Have a good game !

First part of the article written by Rami Bououd from the GameBlog site.

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